FAINCASE Laptop Case - Gray

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Color: Gray
Case size: M

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The recycled laptop case is made of PVC material used in the automotive industry for interior upholstery. The elegant gray material looks like leather on the outside and on the inside is covered with a foam layer for better shock absorption. The case is water-resistant. Practical handle and zip fastening.

Product information:       
- rozmer obalu:  370 x 270 x 25 mm                                                                                           
- pre notebooky s uhlopriečkou: 12,1" - 14,2"
- materiál:  eko koža - automotive PVC
- zapínanie na zips
- s podšívkou
- praktická textilná rúčka
- upcyklovaný 

- EAN 8585061820054  
 If you are interested in a larger number of pieces from this product, or if you want to design your own design, please contact us. We will immediately send you a tailor-made offer and a wholesale price list.

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